Student Immunisation

From 1 January 2019, all schools are required to request and record the vaccination status of new students commencing or enrolling at their school (see: Immunisation information for parents enrolling a child).

The child’s vaccination record must be current and not more than 2 months old.  The school will record the vaccination status as required, and retain a copy of the statement on the student’s file.

It is important to note that the request is not a requirement for your child to be vaccinated, it is a documentation request / requirement.  This information cannot be obtained by the school on your behalf; Parents/carers are now legally obliged to produce this evidence in the form of an Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) history statement.

Once you have gained your child’s Immunisation History Statement, please forward to our school Administration Office as soon as possible.  We also require an updated AIR history statement once your child has received their immunisations upon turning 4 Years old

The AIR Immunisation History Statement can be obtained by:

Visiting Medicare at
Booragoon Service Centre - Shop 13-14 Marmion Street, Booragoon

Immunisation History Statement retrieval online:

The Immunisation History Statement can also be downloaded from the Medicare website via your MyGov account as per the steps below. 

For existing online users (MyGov & Medicare online account holders)

Step 1:        Log into your MyGov account by visiting

Step 2:        Click on the Medicare link

Step 3:        Accept conditions and proceed to your online account

Step 4:        Select required boxes and request immunisation history statement

Step 5:        Access pdf document of immunisation history statement by clicking on the link

Step 6:        Once the record has been retrieved, you can sign out of your account

Step 7:        Email the pdf file to the school at

Please note: If you do not have a Medicare online account, please follow steps 10-22 below:

For new online users (new to MyGov and Medicare Online - including Students over the age of 14)

Step 1:        Visit

Step 2:        Click “Create an account”

Step 3:        Enter your email address into the box.  A security code will be emailed to your email address

Step 4:        Enter the security code that was emailed into the next box

Step 5:        Enter your phone number, if you want to, or skip this step

Step 6:        Answer 3 security questions over the next 3 screens

Step 7:        Enter a password and confirm your password

Step 8:        Log into your MyGov account using your email address and your password.

Step 9:        Answer your security question

Step 10:      Link a service to your existing account – in this case, Medicare  

Step 11:      If you don’t have an online Medicare account, the system will need to verify your identity by doing some checks

Step 12:      Enter details contained on your Medicare card as prompted by the system

Step 13:      Enter the DOB and corresponding numbers of every other person listed on the Medicare card where prompted

Step 14:      Enter personal information and address details as prompted

Step 15:      Enter details of last visits to the doctor and the specialist

Step 16:      If all the information provided matched the records on file, you will receive a message to confirm that you have been successfully identified, and your Medicare account has been successfully linked to your MyGov account

Step 17:      You will then have to click on the link, which will transfer you to the Medicare website

Step 18:      Accept conditions and proceed to your online account

Step 19:      Select required boxes and request Immunisation History statement

Step 20:      Access pdf document of Immunisation History statement by clicking on the link

Step 21:      Once record has been retrieved, you can sign out of your account

Step 22:      Email the pdf file to the school at

It can take 10 working days to receive these records. 

If parents cannot access the records online, 
please contact:

·         The Australian Immunisation Register enquiries or call 1800 653 809 (8:30am – 5:00pm local time)

·         myGov helpdesk:  132 307 or