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The Gee Dads


The Gee-Dads at Caralee Community School are part of The Fathering Project programme which has been very successful in the past.

Grant White (Pre-Primary Dad), Peter Lochore (Year 1 Dad) and myself (Pre-Primary Dad) have agreed to co-ordinate Gee-Dads activities in the future.

As part of being able to communicate easily with the Gee-Dads, we have also set up a Whatsapp group called “Gee-Dads”. So if you are wanting to be kept up-to-date with Gee-Dads events, please indicate in an email to me whether you are happy to be added to this group. We will probably use this group as the main way of communicating with the Gee-Dads in future.

If you have any questions regarding the Gee-Dads, please feel free to email me.


Drayton Morley 




"The Gee Dads Grand Farming Experience"
"The kids and I had a great day at the 'Grand Farming Experience” on the 27th of October.  Big thanks to Derek and Sue for taking their time to show the kids around the farm.

Highlight for the boys was getting to see the Alpacas up close!

Hard part was explaining why we couldn't have one as a pet in Willagee!

Big thanks again to Matt for driving The Fathering Project initiative, and giving me the opportunity to spend some quality one-on-one time with my kids, meeting other fathers and for our kids to meet and interact with others from the school!"

Grant White (Year 1 & Kindy 2018 Dad)



 In 2017, our Champion Dads of Caralee formed a group (renamed the "Gee Dads"), and commenced a program of activities with fellow male parents and father figures within our school.

More information regarding the program, how it can help you, your child, our school and the wider community will appear here regularly. If you are a parent/guardian at Caralee CS, and wish to become part of the 'Gee Dads', please call the office on (08) 9312 4800, email the school @ Caralee.CS@education.wa.edu.au or visit thefatheringproject.org/dads-group/caralee-community-school

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