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Quick Guide for 2021

Our offices maybe closed but you can find helpful quick references below or from our website during school holidays via drop down menus and RECENT NEWS at look forward to seeing students return Monday, 1 February 2021 at the new start time of 8.40am.

Student Requirements 2021

2021 student requirements for each year from KINDERGARTEN to YEAR 6 are listed here.

Outside School Hours Care

OSHC stands for Outside School Hours Care.  An OSHC service provides education and care for primary school-age children (generally aged 5-12 yrs) outside school hours and during school holidays.  (Source: Camp Australia).

Gee Dads 'Nanga Bush Camp 2021'

Pack your bags and brace yourself for some serious FUN!

Uniform Collection 2021

We have had an increasing number of students this term not bringing their school hats to school.  Please remember Caralee's School Dress Code Plan that operates a "No Hat, No Play" policy.

Containers for Change

Making change is easy. It all starts with you. Collect your eligible containers (instead of tossing them in the waste), then drop them off at a refund point where you can either keep or donate your 10 cent refund.

COVID-19 : Stay safe over the holidays

Caralee Community School wishes all our families to stay safe and vigilant over the school holidays.  This article will provide you easy assess to accurate information during school closure.

Community Noticeboard

We love our community school and feel very privileged to be an integral part of our Willagee community too.  Here you will find links for you and your family to enjoy activities and events close by.

Re-useday Tuesday at Caralee

Every Tuesday morning between the new time of 8.15am and 8.30am, you can use the drop boxes provided outside the Administration Office to help reduce plastic pollution and give other recyclable products a new beginning. Ps. Congratulations, RUBY of B5!

Bakers Delight Dough Raiser

Thank you to Bakers Delight, Kardinya and Myaree! Because of Bakers Delight's committment to supporting our school community, Caralee CS is able to participate in their DOUGH RAISER program.

Caralee Dental Therapy Centre

Our Caralee students certainly have an advantage having a School Dental Service permanently on site.  Please note the following dates that the Caralee DTC will be closed.

P&C at Caralee

The School P&C is a great place for families with students to meet others, and join in a range of community activities. We aim to keep it a friendly, community-oriented atmosphere where everyone is welcome.