Story Dogs

Story Dogs

Our school has implemented a special reading program to assist selected students to become “confident lifelong readers”.

We would like to welcome Mrs Linda Williams and her dog, Rambo, who will visit Caralee on Monday mornings.

Rambo wears a special coat that identifies him as a working dog, and we ask that all parents and children respect and understand not to approach him whilst he is on duty (unless invited).

Read his blog - Rambo in Perth

Want to become a volunteer with Story Dogs?
You can download an application from their website or view their flyers;

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Caralee CS has a unique reading support program helping our students to become life-long readers. 

The teachers love this program, the students can’t wait to read, and the program works!

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Do you have a dog that is well behaved, gentle, and is happy around children?

an you spare a couple of hours a week?

Call or email Story Dogs so you can start helping children to become better readers.


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