Student Services

The Deputy Principals manage our Student Services team.


Please feel free to contact the school directly should you have any queries, or bring your child into the Front Office and introduce them to our friendly administration staff to help them feel comfortable in our office surroundings. Our staff are always at hand to assist and support your child when needed.


Late Notes

Students who have not reached their class room by 8.50am (before the school siren sounds) are required to report immediately to the Front Office.  Late notes are processed and issued by office staff, which are then in turn taken by the child to their class teacher.


Absentee Advice 

Please choose one of the following avenues (preferably prior to 10.00am on the day of absence):

  • SMS our Absentee Line on 0409 883 536
  • Telephone the Administration Office (08) 9312 4800
  • Email
  • Short written note to the teacher

If you have not contacted the school, a short note to the teacher explaining the absence is required under the law of Western Australia. 


Please send a note if your child presents late due to an appointment or other reason.