Student Vaccination Records - Friendly reminder to our Kindy 2020 families

When your child starts school, you need to give the school your child's Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) history statement. (Source: Dept of Health)

As we draw to the end of Semester One, this is a friendly reminder to all our Kindy 2020 parents/guardians that a copy of your child's Immunisation History Statement is required by the school.  

The Department of Education reports the immunisation status of our enrolled students to the Department of Health.

For those parents/guardians whose child is still yet to receive their 4 year old vaccinations as part of their catch-up schedule, please forward a copy of your statement to our Administration Office as soon as possible.

When your child starts school, you are now legally required to give the school your child's Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) history statement. 

Why is immunisation important?

"Some diseases, like measles and mumps, can be very serious for children, and other people in the community.

In places where people are in close contact, like school, disease can spread fast". (Source: Dept of Health) 

To access an AIR immunisation history statement

Parents and carers can access the AIR immunisation history statement by:          

The Department of Health will follow up any statements that are ‘not up to date’. 

Students without an ‘up to date’ AIR immunisation history statement may be advised to stay away from school if an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease occurs. 

Further information on obtaining a current statement can be found on the Department of Health’s website, along with additional information regarding Immunisations and Vaccines.
(Source: Department of Education, Western Australia)