The 'Gee Dads' Fathering Project

G'day Gee Dads

I hope you have all had an awesome start to 2019.

As you may remember, when I was approached by Jason Shapcott to start up this group, it was suggested that the honour remain with each leader for two years and then passed along. The benefit of this being that new eyes and new blood keeps the ideas fresh, and a wider group of dad's should arrive. 

So in saying this, I would like to extend the offer for someone to put their hand up to take the leader role and make it your own.  I will be available for guidance during hand-over, and look forward to remaining a keen member and continuing to spend some quality time with you all.

To register your interest, please email and leave your contact details at



Matt Shaw


 In 2017, our Champion Dads of Caralee formed a group (renamed the "Gee Dads"), and commenced a program of activities with fellow male parents and father figures within our school.


More information regarding the program, how it can help you, your child, our school and the wider community will appear here regularly. If you are a parent/guardian at Caralee CS, and wish to become part of the 'Gee Dads', please call the office on (08) 9312 4800, or email the school 


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