Recycling for Caralee's PROJECT EARTH

 Artwork by Grace (Yr 2, 2019)

  Inspired by the NAIDOC 2019 theme, "Let's work together for a shared future", Caralee students and our school community hope to connect more with the land, preserve its natural resources and redefine our responsibilities when it comes to looking after our environment. We ask that you join in and support us.

"For Australia's first people, the land and sea and all that connects them are the source of identity, spirituality, culture, economy and wellbeing.  
Indigenous people have long-held cultural and traditional responsibilities to protect and manage their land and sea country." (Source: Australian Government, Dept of the Environment)

With the roll-out of the City of Melville's FOGO system in Willagee, and the amazing response to our recent recycle-reuse-reduce projects at the school, we hope to encourage our students (and their families) even further by introducing initiatives that will go towards a shared future of respect and nuturing of our land, and to become part of our Caralee's PROJECT EARTH program.

For now, we encourage you to call by our Admin office on RE-USEDAY TUESDAY to drop off:

  • Aluminium Coffee Pods (no plastic pods, please) for post-consumer recycling;
  • Batteries for recycling;
  • Bread Tags;
  • Old Lego for the Toy Brick Recycling Company;
  • Oral Care Products such as toothpaste tubes and caps, floss containers, toothbrushes and electric toothbrush heads;
  • NEW - Pre-loved new, near-new or slightly used stationery items such as pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, glue, unused exercise books, crayons, highlighters, calculators, artline markers, rulers, pencil cases, scissors that will be repurposed for WA families under the poverty line.  For more information, visit
  • Old pens, markers, highlighters (writing instruments) plus empty correction fluid pots which are separated into metals, fibres and plastics and molded into new recycled products. Note: we cannot take wooden pencils, crayons and chalk at this time;
  • Plastic Drink Bottle Tops (clean) for reprocessing via 'Bottle Top Hill' in Melville.  Visit their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram for more information.

For recycling soft plastics:

Visit participating Coles and Woolworths store drop-off points nearest to you (, or
Visit REDcycle at for more information.

Stay tuned for further Caralee's PROJECT EARTH eco-initiatives.

  To find an A-Z list for recycling and disposing of household waste for residents in Willagee, click on the following link : Materials A-Z - Recycle Right  


December 2019 has seen the launch of a new app and website to help the people of Perth to Recycle Right. The new resource ( encourages and assists residents and businesses in Western Australia to recycle, reduce their rubbish and buy more recycled products.

See how the City of Melville was crowned champion of the most popular category, Communication Engagement Success of the Year at the recent 2019 Waste and Resource Recovery (WARR) awards