School Excursions & Activities

Many vibrant, sporting and educational activities are planned throughout the school year.  Our term calendar highlights some of the events scheduled.

Excursion Notes and Payments

All excursion notes are to go to the class teacher unless otherwise stated on the excursion note. If your child loses their note, please refer to your class teacher first for details of that specific excursion.

All payments for excursions are to go to the class teacher for recording. The Administration Office can also accept payment for excursions by EFTPOS or credit card.

Reward Day

Once a term Reward Day is scheduled for students who demonstrate a positive work ethic and behaviour. Regular and punctual school attendance is also a factor in eligibility to attend Reward Day for students in Year 4 and above (younger children are reliant on parent assistance to get them to school).

Children attending Reward Day have the opportunity to participate in quality performances and fun activities. Children not attending Reward Day are counseled on the concerns regarding their behaviour and/or attendance and are provided with an alternative program of work for the Reward Day session.

Please contact the Deputy Principals for more information.

Family Picnic Day

On Wednesday of Week Five each term, Caralee CS and the Fremantle Language Development Centre encourage parents to come and have a picnic lunch in the school grounds with their children.

This is a great way to spend time with your children in our school setting. On occasions, the Caralee Choir and other music groups perform on the day.

See the Term Planner for Picnic Day dates.