Performing Arts

At Caralee Community School, all students from Years 1 to 6 take part in a fifty minute session of general classroom music each week.


Students learn musical elements through listening, playing, creating, singing, writing and moving. They learn to play the xylophone, drums and other handheld percussion instruments. A focus is also placed on vocal training – with each class learning a number of traditional and modern songs every year. Junior classes spend a large amount of time participating in movement-based activities, while senior classes also learn how to read and compose their own music.


Caralee CS Choir




Our school choir consists of children from Years 4 to 6. No auditions are held and all interested students are welcome to join. Rehearsals are run during school time and the Caralee Choir currently has seventy students involved!

The choir performs at ‘SingFest’ and the ‘Western Australian Government Schools Make Music Society’ concerts at the Burswood Theatre. We also love to visit our local retirement village, as well as performing at local shopping centres and local community events such as ‘Carols’. The choir also performs at the school Christmas concert at the end of the year.

School of Instrumental Music

Caralee Community School works in partnership with the School of Instrumental Music (S.I.M.). Clarinet lessons are provided free of charge by S.I.M, for five selected students in Year 6. These students perform annually at the Caralee Community Christmas Concert.

Students also participate in drama classes in first term where they learn fundamental drama skills through games and other fun activities. They learn to work as teams, improvise and use their imaginations. The older classes use their drama skills for the end of year Christmas concert.


Students at Caralee participate in Dance lessons during Term 3. Lessons run for 40 - 50 minutes each week and we have a whole school performance to showcase a dance from each class at the end of the term.

Other Events

At Caralee, we run a fun-filled event each year called ‘Caralee’s Got Talent’. All students from Years 1 to 6 are invited to audition, and the Grand Final involves a variety of acts for the whole school to watch.

The Caralee Community School hosts an annual Christmas event at the school in the Undercover Area. This is held over one evening and the choir performs along with other students from the school. We work closely with the School Chaplain, to prepare an evening of fun for our audience!