School Overview

Caralee Community School opened in January 2005 as a result of the amalgamation of Carawatha and Willagee Primary Schools. On the same site is the Fremantle Language Development Centre.

When preparing for Caralee CS, the Planning Committee looked at the existing aspects of the culture and ethos at the existing schools, then aspired to create a new school campus with its own culture and which also valued learning, respect for others and inclusivity.

The school also endeavours to serve the purpose of two schools, those being the Fremantle Language Development Centre and Caralee Community School.

Our vision for Caralee Community School is for:

  • Students to have access to quality education, characterised by high standards, clearly stated expectations and frequent valid evaluation;
  • Students to experience the opportunity to learn in a safe, respectful and supportive environment;
  • Parents to have a strong voice in their child's education;
  • Teachers to have the opportunities to be highly qualified; and
  • The school to prepare students to succeed in our ever changing world.

By focusing on the many positives of our school, and by working together with mutual respect and cooperation from our parent body and the wider community, we are confident that we can meet future challenges and move to strengthen our vision.




We are working towards a teaching and learning ethos that:

  • Reflects the specific needs of the student population;
  • Establishes an atmosphere of mutual respect thereby ensuring models of 'Best Practice' are created; and
  • Maximises the potential for productive inclusive education.

The major focus in developing quality teaching and learning practice will be based on:


Student Centered Learning

  • Provision is made to cater for a wide range of individual learning styles; and
  • Opportunities are provided for all students to meet their physical, emotional, social and academic needs.

Positive Child Oriented Environment

  • A safe secure and attractive school environment created to provide opportunities for the students to explore, create, experiment, construct and experience a wide range of recreational pursuits.


  • All children have the right to learn in an environment that is free of discrimination, abuse or exploitation. Individual needs and differences are recognised, encouraged and supported;
  • A significant percentage of our students come from a diverse background that includes Asian, Middle Eastern and Aboriginal cultures.


  • The physical, social and emotional wellbeing of each child is promoted. Teaching practices encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour;
  • Teachers and parents work together to forge strong working relationships that are built on mutual respect and trust for each other and always have the best interests of the child at heart.