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Sports Trophy


Inter-School AFL, Netball, Soccer
(Years 4-6)

Thursday, 20th of June 2019
Selected students from Years 4 to 6 will participate in an Inter-School Sports Carnival competing in AFL, Netball and Soccer.

Please ensure all participating students have the necessary attire for their elected event.

AFL : Santich Park, Munster (map)

Netball : Success Netball Assoc, 359 Hammond Road (map

Soccer : Beale Park, Kent Street, Spearwood (map)

Local weather link

Consent Forms to be returned no later than Friday, 14th June 2019.

Mr Sam Atkins



The choir is continuing to practice their repertoire ahead of the One Big Voice Festival next term.

All the songs are sounding fantastic - the next step is the choreography.

Mr Matthew Ryder, Music





The photo below is a hint of another exciting project that will be happening later on this term in Art.

Stay tuned for some amazing and creative art work being displayed in the art room and around the school.

Mrs Janine Wain, Visual Art Teacher