Caralee's PROJECT EARTH: Noongar Seasons

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The Nyoongar seasons can be long or short and are indicated by what is happening and changing around us rather than by dates on a calendar. (Reference:


Due to the tilt of the earth's axis, some parts of the world experience predominantly two climatic seasons.  In the Perth region, Traditional Owners (the Whadjuk Noongar people) recognised six.

DJERAN (April/May) is the Noongar Season of Adulthood and is recognised by cooler weather and dewy mornings.  Winds begin changing direction and traditional owners would need to adjust their shelters (mia mias) accordingly.  It is a time of red flowering gums and banksias relied upon by small mammals and birds seeking nectar.  Ants are highly active and often dig large mounds as they excavate their nests ready for oncoming rain. 

Have you seen any flying ants taking to the light winds?

It is important in traditional culture to maintain balance and support the local biodiversity.  

Just like ants during the season of Djeran, we must be aware of how we treat the soil and land that we rely upon.

Avoid sending chemicals and plastics to landfill that take hundreds of years to break down into toxic waste and damaging microplastics.  Seek alternatives to help heal our country.

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We hope you enjoy Djeran.

(Image: CCS/AJC Apr 2021)