Caralee's PROJECT EARTH - come on a journey

Ever wondered why we are told to REMOVE bottle tops and lids from containers before placing the containers in the bin?  

Come on a journey to the Regional Resouce Recover Centre  (video below) and see for yourself; courtesy of RECYCLE

DID YOU KNOW?  "Lids are often made from a different kind of plastic to the bottle which causes contamination of the material when it is packaged together. Lids left on can also cause pressure in a bale of plastic that has been sorted and is ready for recycling. Bottles with lids on that are still full of air will want to keep their original shape once compressed and this may cause the bale to burst".  Source: Materials A-Z Recycle Right

REMEMBER: Caralee's Re-useday Tuesday is perfect for avoiding those plastic drink bottle tops ending up in landfill through your kerbside bin.  We are still accepting them, however please ensure that they are quickly rinsed clean and remember to remove the foam insert.  Pre-sorting them into same colours at home helps speed up the process at drop-off outside our Admin office too.

NOTE: Re-useday Tuesday will no longer be accepting clear plastic PET1 containers - they can go in your yellow lidded Recycling bin (unless of course you place plastic drink bottle tops inside and bring them to school; we can recycle the containers for you!).