Re-useday Tuesday at Caralee

Every Tuesday morning between 8.30am and 8.45am, you can use the drop boxes provided outside the Administration Office to help reduce plastic pollution and give other recyclable products a new beginning.

  • Aluminium Coffee Pods (no plastic pods, please) 
  • Batteries
  • Bread Tags
  • Used pens, markers, highlighters (writing instruments) plus empty correction fluid pots 
  • Oral care waste products (toothpaste tubes, lids, dental floss packaging)
  • PET 1 - Strawberry, blueberry & tomato plastic packaging containers (CLEAN please) 
  • PET 1 - Plastic Bottle Tops; no bigger than 5cm (CLEAN please)
 1. Only plastic drink bottle lids (less than 5cm diameter) can be accepted 
 2. Please wash/rinse any liquid or residue from the lid 
 3. Please remove foam insert (foam cannot be recycled with the plastic) 
 4. Please deposit in specific colours 
 5. Any lids not complying will be returned 


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