School Fete - Year/Class Stalls UPDATE


Thank you to all of the classes/year groups for registering a stall at the Fete.

If parents/guardians & students can contribute in any way, please see your class representative or teacher.

Donations and contributions are welcome from far and wide.

If you have any toys, clothes, plants, books etc. that you can contribute, that would be wonderful.
The more we have, the more funds we can raise for our school!

(B6) Kindy - Temporary Tattoos 
(B8) PP - Plant Stall
(B4) Yr 1 - Cakes
(B3) Yr 2 - Toys
(B5) Yr 2 - Lucky Jars
(B1 & B2) Yr 3 - Clothes
(C1 & D1) Yr 4 - Home Crafts
(D3 & D4) Yr 5 - Lolly Stall
(D2 & D4) Yr 6 - Adopt-a-Pet
(Library) All Years - Books

Thank you
P&C Fundraising Team

A sign-up sheet is located at the front of each classroom.  Please add your name and contact details if you can assist.

For any queries or to register your stall ideas, please contact Amanda Buisman ( or Melanie Lanzon (

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Thank you
P&C Fundraising Committee