Recycling at Caralee

 Artwork by Grace (Yr 2, 2019)

 Inspired by the NAIDOC 2019 theme, "Let's work together for a shared future", Caralee students and our school community hope to connect more with the land, preserve its natural resources and redefine our responsibilities when it comes to looking after our environment. We ask that you join in and support us.

"For Australia's first people, the land and sea and all that connects them are the source of identity, spirituality, culture, economy and wellbeing.  
Indigenous people have long-held cultural and traditional responsibilities to protect and manage their land and sea country." (Source: Australian Government, Dept of the Environment)

With the roll-out of the City of Melville's FOGO system in Willagee, and the amazing response to our recent recycle-reuse-reduce projects at the school (batteries/bottle tops/electronic correspondence), we hope to encourage our students (and their families) even further by introducing initiatives that will go towards a shared future of respect and nuturing of our land.

For now, we encourage you to call into our Admin office to drop off:

  • Bread Tags for recycling to provide wheelchairs
  • PET 1 - Strawberry & tomato plastic packaging containers (clean) for recycling into 3D printer filament
  • Plastic Bottle Tops (clean) for recycling into mobility and disability aids, STEM training tools, gadgets for the Aged 

For recycling soft plastics:

Visit participating Coles and Woolworths store drop-off points nearest to you
(, or
Visit REDcycle at for more information.

Stay tuned for further eco-initiatives.