Join our P&C

The School P&C is a great place for families with students to meet others, join in a range of community activities and even get support from other parents at times. We aim to keep it a friendly, community-oriented atmosphere where everyone is welcome.


ALL parents and carers of children at the school are eligible members of the P&C, and are encouraged to be involved.


The role of the P&C includes helping people come together, making suggestions to/asking questions of the Principal, getting to know each other, feeling that you can contribute to the school & having fun during this precious time of your child’s life. The more members we have actively participating in the P&C association the better we can achieve our objectives.


Opting for a P&C email is great way to engage with activities, issues and useful information for parents in your school, even if you can't make it to meetings.


So please complete and sign the Contact Form (below) and return it to the school, or to the P&C at 

Your email address will be kept confidential and only used for authorised P&C/school communication purposes.

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