Willagee Community Centre OPEN WEEK


Caralee is fortunate to have City of Melville community facilities so close by.  
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The Willagee Community Centre is having an OPEN WEEK.

Many activities will be free, and there is also a free community barbecue Thursday 9 May, between 12 noon to 1.30pm.

The Caralee CS school community members are invited to participate in these activities and join in the theme of BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER. Parents/carers are welcome to the barbeque, and preschool age children are also welcome.

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"The Willagee Community Centre offers a range of local activities, events, workshops and programs to suit all ages and interests. From activities for children and young people to badminton, basketball to wellbeing classes, the Community Centre welcomes groups, families and individuals".

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'Busy Things' and 'Story Box Library'

Busy Things is an online resource for the early years.

Story Box Library connects children with nearly 200 Australian books read by some of Australia's finest storytellers. 

Free for all City of Melville library members at:

Willagee Library Mural

Willagee Library MuralArtist Aidan Garnett worked with a group of young people, including Caralee Community Schoostudents, who participate in the Willagee Library after school Youth Drop-In program.


"The concept was what learning at the library meant to them; and what mattered most to them was learning about culture, art and photography projects and mutual respect, which have been captured beautifully". (see image)


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