(Yrs PP-6) Performing Arts - Edu Dance

Edu Dance is due to commence Week 1, Term 3

As part of the WA curriculum, students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 are expected to engage in weekly dance lessons (during school hours) in support of the school's Arts program.

This year, the program is being provided by Edu Dance specialist teachers. The program involves a 30 minute session, and will run each Thursday, with three classes on a Friday afternoon.

Each class will focus on developing fundamental movement skills, co-ordination and dance choreography.

The culmination of the lessons will be a concert for parents and extended families on either Thursday, 19th September (Week 9) or Wednesday, 25th September (Week 10).  Confirmation of date and time will follow later in the year.

The cost of the lessons is $30. Payment in instalments is acceptable
(Please note that there is NO Active Link funding available this year).

Please ensure full payment for your child's Dance incursion is received by your Class Teacher before FRIDAY, 5th JULY.